Carolina Dermatology
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Our Providers

At Carolina Dermatology of Greenville, we have board-certified dermatologists as well as dermatology-trained advanced practitioners who are all ready to provide exceptional dermatologic care for you.

John Kuhl, M.D.

John Kuhl, MD

Marshall Shuler, MD

Marshall Shuler, M.D.

Courtney McFaddin, M.D.

Courtney McFaddin, MD

Andrew Jamison, M.D.

Andrew Jamison, MD

Megan Scharf, M.D.

Megan Scharf, MD

Virginia Tracey, M.D.

Virginia Tracey, MD

Nichole Wright, PA

Nichole Wright, P.A.

Elizabeth Lewis, CPNP

Elizabeth Lewis, CPNP